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The Land Cruiser turns electric with the Se concept

The Land Cruiser turns electric with the Se concept

Zero emissions concept – The Land Cruiser is a historical model Toyota Its story will continue even in the era of electric mobility. The Japanese company, which has now also jumped on the 100% electric vehicle bandwagon after initial skepticism, will attend Land Cruiser C. It is a car that envisions a possible electric model for the Toyota off-roader, which at the end of August presented its latest generation to be delivered to its first customers in 2024.

City off road – if Breaks up Noticeably better than the standard Land Cruiser. In fact, if a combustion-engined SUV has a long, powerful, and very square appearance, it… Land Cruiser C It looks shorter, slimmer and elegant. The tailgate is sloped, and the Land Cruiser’s high-shoulder tires have been replaced with low-profile hoods. Overall, the car feels more like an SUV designed for the city than off-road. This does not mean that they do not carry genes Original model: Like its inspiration, it has squared-off wheel arches, a nearly horizontal hood, and a contrasting-coloured roof. There are also three rows of seats on board for a total of 7 seats.

More accurate on asphalt Toyota did not release any specific technical details. We know that Land Cruiser C And 5,150 mm longIts width is 1,990 mm and its height is 1,705 mm, with a wheelbase of 3,050 mm. These dimensions make it 23 cm longer than the last generation Land Cruiser and 16.5 cm lower. The chassis is a load-bearing body, unlike the side chassis of a standard Land Cruiser. The Japanese manufacturer did not clarify the type of engines used in the Land Cruiser Se, but we can imagine that it is a pair Electric motorsOne for each axle to ensure four-wheel drive.

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