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DiaSorin splash (-10.8%) at FTSEMib

DiaSorin splash (-10.8%) at FTSEMib

Diasurin Recorded the worst performance of the day in FTSEMib. The diagnostics company’s stock left 10.8% grounded at €158.85, after hitting an intraday low of €154. Large volumes During the entire session, approximately 872 thousand shares were traded.

DiaSorin agreed to Industrial plan for the four-year period 2022-2025 The project to redefine the institutional structure was approved. In particular, DiaSorin expects to close 2022 with a decrease in total revenue of 2%, as a result of lower sales volumes from activities related to Covid-19 (Covid sales volume decreased from 370 million euros estimated for 2021 to 150 million expected for 2022). Excluding activities related to Covid-19, DiaSorin reports revenue growth of approximately 24% for 2022. Adjusted EBITDA margin for 2022 is expected to be approximately 35%.

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