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The Italian national team, renewing Mancini with the best options

The news on Monday is the official renewal of Roberto Mancini as technical commissioner for the Italian national team

Roberto Mancini Hectare Renew his contract As technical commissioner for the Italian national team. The official announcement came yesterday afternoon, permanently shutting down the media hype about the future of the gesino art, now associated with azure colors until 2026.

A signature pleased the parties concerned, starting with the president of the Italian Football Federation Gabriel Gravina. Federal Number One has always expressed full confidence in the continuation of the agreement, in some way, keeping the promise it made and shutting down CT until 2026.

Five years, still at the helm of Italy for Mansio, who thus decided to join a new four-year term that will lead us to the 2026 World Cup, scheduled in North America between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

It may not be necessary to emphasize that durability and stability are often the basis of success. On the other hand, what does it mean not to focus so strongly on a record-breaking coach, yet simply extraordinary in recreating enthusiasm and participation after the thrilling management disaster? Ventura.

If Italy we would have it would present itself at the starting line Euro 2020 Among the main contenders for the continental title, much of the credit goes to the coach who is able to give play and identity to the team. And there may be more encouraging signs of impressive results in this area.

But no matter how the European campaign goes, the goal of collective growth remains the key. Trust in youth is the basis of a long-term project Advance invitation for the golden boy of Sassuolo Raspadore Another proof of insight and planning.

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One step at a time, always alongside the coach who has now convinced all of his detractors, and has proven that he is particularly cut off from the role of the Limiter. In short, a long lifespan a Roberto Mancini, The best picks for the Italian national team.