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The Gladiator enchants Rome and dreams big - OA Sport

The Gladiator enchants Rome and dreams big – OA Sport

Guido Vianello lit the scene at Atlantico Live in Rome, as he won his first professional match on Italian soil After the 10 matches he’s played in the US in the past four years (9 wins by knockout, 1 draw). The The Gladiator was renamed to replace the Scotsman Jay McFarlane, a giant who weighed 126 kg. Far from being a hero but with a massive payload. The Italian boxer who made 17 kilograms, Hit a real wallBut he dominated it on a large scale from a technical and competitive point of view.

Guido Vianello showed his best shot in an arc eight rounds: His right turned out to be strong and meticulous, he insisted on the face and body of the Scotsman constantly, setting an ideal and striking with an oath. Even the left side of the Lazio player was admired in various situations, weakening the resistance of the opponent who never gave up, but was not able to worry about him. Guido Vianello also deserved to win before the cap, but dropping a 126kg man was a very difficult task.

Blue won by unanimous vote We can look forward to the near future with great optimism. The unbeaten 28-year-old made his career in the US and today he has grown in front of his fans, We will see him again in the ring in 2023 and hopefully he will have more significant opportunities: Today there were no belts to seize, in the next opportunity he will have to fight for something concrete and keep climbing trying to fulfill the dream of fighting for World Heavyweight Cup.

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