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Le probabili formazioni di Napoli-Sassuolo: tentazione Anguissa, resiste il dubbio a sinistra

The temptation of Anguise’s suspicion on the left resists

The championship is back and Napoli aim in advance to extend their impressive winning streak to 13 victories

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The championship is back, and Napoli aims in advance to extend the stunning winning streak to 13 victories and at least keep the distance between the pursuers. In Maradona – who is still a bestseller and full of enthusiasm – Sassuolo who has always played in recent years comes some bad tricks (mostly away from home, but sometimes in Furigrotta too). The Dionesey team can be considered in a state of great growth: after victories over Turin and Salernitana, they lost a very balanced match against Atalanta and Inter and just came home with success over Verona which brought them back to the left side of the standings. is back. That basic calm to face the top-ranked teams even without any worries: “We respect Napoli a lot, we have to have a little assumption / ambition to think about going there and getting a positive result. We will try to put Napoli on difficulty – now they are almost unplayable and achieve This results through games, ideas, organization – trying not to discredit us and going there not to celebrate Naples but to try to prank him,” Dionysi’s speech at the conference his team spirit.

statistics – By grabbing the ball, Sassuolo were able to limit defensive suffering: Napoli (28) and Neroverde (30) are actually two of the three Serie A teams to have collected so far fewer conclusions facing goal. Napoli unbeaten in 15 Serie A matches (13V, 2N), the longest open streak among Serie A squads: Napoli started this unbeaten streak in which Sassuolo, thanks to 6-1 last April 30. With the defeat of Atalanta, Napoli remains the only team unbeaten in this first division: expanding to the five major European leagues, such as the Azzurri only Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid.

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The latest in Naples
Spalletti raises all rescued players with Rangers, but fights off two cards: Juan Jesus returns with Kim in defense, Di Lorenzo on the right and Oliveira on the left plays Mario Rui. In the middle with the return of Lubotka Zelensky and Anguisea can also be present from the first minute. In a brand new trident attack with Kvaratskhelia, Osimhen and Lozano.

The latest in Sassuolo
Dionisi without Berardi, Defrel and Muldur and must confirm their trident with Neapolitan D’Andrea, Pinamonti and the talented Laurienté. In the middle, there are no doubts Frattisi, Maxim Lopez and Thorstvedt, while the Ferrari captain is back in defense with Ehrlich, and the team should be Togan and Rogerio (slightly ahead of Kyriakopoulos).

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; Written by Lorenzo, Kim, Juan Jesus, Oliveira; Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky; Lozano, Osimene, Kvaratskhelia. Spalletti flocks
Ballot paper: Oliveira-Mario Roy 51%-49%, Anguise-Ndombele 55%-45%

Sassuolo (4-3-3): advice; Tolgan, Ehrlich, Ferrari, Roggio; Frattisi, Maxime Lopez, Thorstedt; D’Andrea, Pinamonte, Llorente. Dionysian flocks
Ballot: Rogerio Kyriakopoulos 51%-49%

Rule: Rapuano (Baccini – Schirru, IV: Perenzoni, VAR: Marini, AVAR: Longo).

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