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The fourth dose, for Gemmato it is only for the weak, but the indication of the Ministry of Health is different

The fourth dose, for Gemmato it is only for the weak, but the indication of the Ministry of Health is different

Health Undersecretary Marcello Gemato said today that the fourth dose of the vaccine should be recommended only for the weak, while for all other groups it is “meaningless”. But neither Minister Schillaci nor the Ministry of Health has ever given this indication.

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About the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Marcelo Gemato there The fourth dose of the Covid vaccine should not be recommended for anyone over 12 years oldwho have already received their first booster dose for at least 120 days, But it should only be recommended to the weak. “The idea of ​​this ministry is to secure the gatherings that led to deaths. It is medical epidemiological data, statistics, and nothing has been invented: we see that the groups that cause deaths are the weak, the elderly, the immunocompromised. These are the people we recommend vaccinating with booster doses. We advise them to do so in a strong and timely manner.”He said today on the sidelines of the seventeenth edition of Meridiano Sanita, organized by the European House – Ambrosetti.

“For those who are healthy, for those who identify themselves in a group that does not give a mortality rate, for a cost-benefit analysis, since there are negative reactions to taking medicines and vaccines, in this case, the idea is always to balance and understand that vaccination should be recommended It doesn’t make sense to do that in people who obviously don’t die from the virus, at least in this historical era where we have 2% labor in intensive care”he added.

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A position that sparked controversy in the scientific community. One of the first to enter the world of viruses Fabrizio BrigliascoGaleazzi, Professor of Hygiene at Milan State University and Medical Director of Irccs Galeazzi: “In my opinion, the vaccine against Covid, as well as the vaccine against influenza, is good for everyone. It is definitely necessary to recommend it to the most vulnerable people, on whom the main efforts should be focused” At this point in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination campaign.

“But I think the vaccine is still an opportunity for everyone, to reduce the impact of illness and absenteeism, and even to a limited degree, the possibility of infecting other family members.”Greetings, Adnkronos said.

Brigliasco is not the only one who intervenes to criticize AS Feder’s statements. Carlo RossiThe head of the Milan Medical Association stressed the fact that Gemmato’s position differs from the official position of the Ministry.

“I am based on the indications published by the Ministry of Health itself which are still posted on their website. If we are talking about the fourth dose and not the fifth, the fourth dose has been enlarged. He said these things he meant the fifth and not the fourth.Russian said.

Indeed, on the Ministry of Health website Administration of a second or fourth booster dose is clearly recommended for the following categories, provided that the minimum interval of at least four months (120 days) from first booster dose or last booster infection (date of positive test):

  • People aged 60 or over
  • Persons over 12 years of age with severe impairment driven by comorbidities/pre-existing diseases
  • Operators and guests of residential care centers for the elderly
  • health workers
  • pregnant women
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Taking into account the indication of authorized use by the EMA and AIFA, we continue to read on the Ministry’s website that bivalent vaccines can still be used, at the request of the interested party, as a second booster dose, to vaccinate persons of at least 12 years of age, who They have already received their first booster dose for at least 120 days.

The same Minister of Health Orazio Schillaciwho spoke today at the same event with Gemmato, stressed the importance of continuing the vaccination campaign, and securing the vulnerable: “I want to remember the importance of continuing the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and against seasonal influenza, and above all to ensure the highest level of coverage for fragile and vulnerable people, and I am thinking in particular of the elderly and those suffering from multiple diseases.” But he never said that the fourth dose is not recommended for anyone else.