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How to optimize space in the kitchen: tips, ideas and colors

How to optimize space in the kitchen: tips, ideas and colors

The kitchen is one of the most important environments in the home. Even in a small apartment it can be furnished with elegance and taste. You just need to optimize the spaces for a comfortable environment.

Furniture and space

Multifunctional furniture, and therefore sideboards with doors, drawers and shelves where you can store everything you need to use in the kitchen. The second rule? Take advantage of it as much as possible space in height With tall or stacked furniture. It means improving the available space Also furnish the corners, to make the most of the entire space of the room. How? For example by inserting corner shelves, or shelves and side panels with sliding doors. Shelves and cabinets with sliding doors. As for the table, in a small kitchen, it is better to choose a folding table or a classic bar counter, which can be used both as a dining table and as a work area.


A few particularly vibrant colored hallways can make a space seem larger than it actually is. One of the secrets can be the installation of a refrigerator or furniture in sharp contrast to the color of the wall.

Kitchen furniture in Trento

Here are some specialty stores you can refer to:

Scavolini Store Trento – 45 Bolzano Street, tel. 0461 416425

CasaTua – Via del Brennero 320, Tel. 0461 1610211

Casa Arredo – Via Marconi, tel. 0461421074

Delta Centro Studio Cucine – Via Giovan Battista Tener 16, Tel. 0461 821720

Longhi Arredamenti – via Giovannilli 9, tel. 0461 262117

Furniture Furniture – Via Alto Adige 68, tel. 0461 523652

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ABC Arredamenti – Via del Brennero 41, Tel. 0461 420167