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Hygge, the Danish way to make home a more welcoming place - perfect / News

Hygge, the Danish way to make home a more welcoming place – perfect / News

There is a technique, or rather an art, that will pay off Home is more welcoming, no matter how many meters you have and your budget. Let’s see what it is.

This magic-like technique is called “hyggy“, This is thedanish art from cMake a comfortable home It’s about feeling like you’re safe and protected and that you can let your guard down. It is the feeling of being at home, which for Danes, due to the climate, is the center of many social gatherings with family and friends.

L “hyggy“Applicable to the house allows Create a welcoming atmosphere And the Turn your home into an oasis of peace. Mick Wikingwho published Hygge Home, explains how color, light, and space can be used to celebrate comfort.

The spaces and places in which we live or work can have a positive impact on our well-being and we can improve our happiness by intervening with the environment.

How? Well, for example, with Factorythat give life. With me booksthat allow exploration and contemplation. It is not surprising that there are corners in the house that are dedicated to reading. According to the English geographer Jay Appleton, we love the corners of the house because we love to find places that allow us to see places where we feel protected without being seen. For example, the entrance to the cave, which allows you to control the outside and not be attacked from behind, is called the panoramic shelter theory.

But let’s go home.”hyggy“. carpet And the Plates They add warmth and texture. As for the lightwhich plays a vital role, Wiking recommends replacing the uniform lighting coming from the ceiling with light sources, such as a floor lamp next to the sofa or a globe lamp strategically placed in the corner of the living room.

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Speaking of natural light, cleanliness is important, as dirt reduces the amount of light that passes through the glass, which means windows need to be kept clean. Facades and mirrors can also be used to reflect natural light from outside.

One last tip: if there are children in the house, you need to adapt the space for them. The little ones love hiding places and caves… If you don’t have a garden that allows you to have a hut, you can use other spaces. Using blankets, you can, for example, improvise one in the corner of the sofa.