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The first field hospital arrives in Gaza and 28 premature babies are transferred to Egypt – News

The first field hospital arrives in Gaza and 28 premature babies are transferred to Egypt – News

28 premature babies arrived at the Rafah crossing from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. This was reported by the official Egyptian Cairo Channel. In a related development, two fuel tankers entered the Gaza Strip, bringing the total number to 9.

video Premature babies evacuated from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza arrive in Egypt

Today, 66 sick children, 41 of whom suffer from various types of cancer, left Gaza hospitals for treatment in Turkey at the Rafah crossing.. Another 20 had already arrived last Friday and left for the UAE on Saturday. The Egyptian Red Crescent informed ANSA of this.

Meanwhile, Egypt – according to reports from the government press office – continued to receive the wounded and dual-national foreign nationals and Egyptians through the crossing, bringing the total number of dual-national foreign nationals to 6,713 people, in addition to 929 Egyptians since the beginning of hostilities. The total number of injured people who entered through the Rafah crossing to receive treatment in Egyptian hospitals since the opening of the crossing is 236 injured and 197 of their companions. At the same time – adds the Egyptian government – efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip continued. The volume of aid that arrived in Al-Arish amounted to about 9,205 tons.

The Egyptian Red Crescent, the National Alliance, and Hayat Karima provided most of this aid. Many Arab countries also provided significant aid, such as Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria, Iraq, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the Sultanate of Oman. As for the West – the memorandum specifies – the foreign countries that provided aid are, in addition to Italy, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Denmark, India, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Belgium, France, England, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Greece. Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Chechnya, in addition to regional and international institutions such as the World Food Programme, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and UNRWA, are working to rescue and resettle Palestinian refugees. A total of 158 aircraft arrived in Al-Arish. The total volume of aid provided to the Palestinians included 1,284 trucks carrying 2,146 tons of medicine and medical supplies, 238 tons of fuel, 4,668 tons of food, 4,260 tons of water, 1,169 tons of other relief materials, and 78 tons of tents and aid. . Plastic bags and 16 ambulances.

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