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The facts, speak now

The facts, speak now


There is no peace for ex-Givina and her new partner: From reconstructing the facts for the first time, ex-Umberto will share

Guendalina Tavassi and her boyfriend Federico were attacked And the news is being published on the web right now. The first reconstruction of the facts was presented by Surgivritaswhich he also brought up Umberto Daponte, ex-Guindalena. Relations between the two are very tense after the breakup and this will be just another clash between them. The facts were said to have taken place when their two sons, Chloe and Salvatore, left school, who at first appeared to have been present at the attack. Then the patch came and it looks like the boys arrived later.

There will be one Violent assault on Gwendalina’s friendWhile he was waiting in the car. The two went to the children’s school at the exit, but it seems that Umberto was there today as well and not alone. According to the testimonies of those present, the man who was with Umberto had approached the car and opened the door, not addressing Federico kindly. There is even talk of a file ear biteFrom the photos provided, you can definitely see the bulging eyes of Tavassi’s new teammate. There will also be videos filmed at the scene, but they have not been released at the moment.

L ‘Assault on Gwendalina Tavasi’s friend In short, at that time it was attributed to the former Umberto. If so, it would be the innumerable case where there is talk of aggression in Gwendolyn by the former, It has already happened several times. Today Federico would have faced the worst. In all of this, D’Aponte appears to have a restricted obligation to stay at least 500m from Guendalina. A distance that could not have been respected had the facts reconstructed been ascertained.

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The facts were going to happen yesterday because there was also talk A Day in the Hospital by Federico BernaWho would have been out at these hours. In addition, there is also talk of the possibility that Umberto is in custody. The news has not been confirmed in all the details by those concerned directly. on personal files Instagram Among the three directly involved, there was absolute silence until recently. Tonight Gwendalina intervened in the assault of her boyfriend With these few words: “Guys, I am reading your letters and thanking you, faith is recovering. Unfortunately there is no end to the worst. I will be back soon.”

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