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Sanremo: Rector, “Women, let’s take down the rubber wall” – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Rome Jan 20 – “We are the most rude of the festival.” Thus, Ritori tells, in no uncertain terms, about his participation in Sanremo with the young Ditonellapiaga, with the song in full rhythm.

Back in the Ariston contest for Rector who turned 28 since last, in 1994 with “Di notte in particular”.

With this year, five times in total. Little to a career spanning nearly five decades. “I got my first start in Sanremo with a bit of luck, but then I found success abroad and I no longer thought about the festival – as the Venetian artist says -. In Italy there were many other programs where you could make yourself known: Festivalbar, Saint Vincent, great and there was a boom in free TV. My successes born elsewhere were keeping me away from Sanremo. Enrico Ruggeri convinced me to come back. Months of promotion. But after 7 months what am I going to do?”. Next to her is the 24-year-old Detonellabiaga (Margherita Carducci).

An intergenerational meeting ‘also to try to bring back the youngsters a bit of the lightness they’ve lost in the last two years.

Get vaccinated, for it is the way to salvation, but flush the masks down the toilet – again urges the university president -. We have to go ahead, and we can’t lock ourselves up in the basement because you don’t have to do demonstrations in the square. “An energy and strength that the Rector has never put aside.” Between me and a margarita, which I don’t consider a beginner at all. , I’m the daredevil.” Ditonellapiaga echoed her: “We’ve reversed the ages, she’s 24 years old. For me it was a great inspiration. Also for the alchemy text: strong, provocative but also fun. “An intergenerational meeting, but also all-female to re-emphasize girl power.” After 40 years, we’re always in trouble – the singer continues to consider him a transcendent pioneer in music -: women shouldn’t allow themselves to say certain things that much. But we must continue, try, accept criticism, but try to break the rubber wall: we want gender equality and recognition of rights for all. Drusilla? Brilliant, a stroke of genius to bring to the festival.” (Ansa).

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