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The common mistake everyone makes with the iron: pay more and ruin it

The common mistake everyone makes with the iron: pay more and ruin it

To maintain the performance of your iron, you need to avoid making some common mistakes.

Iron is one of the indispensable home appliances. To maintain the iron’s performance and steam generation, you must pay attention to the periodic maintenance phase of this device.

In fact, we should not underestimate it Damage caused by lime Which can clog the device and the holes in the iron’s base. This lack of caution can damage the device and even cause it to break.

Let’s get to know the most important aspects of maintenance that your iron needs to undergo to extend its life and ensure optimal performance.

Iron: A common mistake that may damage the device

One of the most common mistakes people make is Do not empty the tank From the iron cauldron. Let’s start by saying that you should use a mixture of tap water and demineralized water inside your iron. In this way f is avoided as much as possiblelimestone formation, Which can clog the holes in the device and the iron base.

Do not underestimate the damage caused by limestone –

In this regard, we recommend consulting Indications in the instruction booklet. However, most steam generators are designed to be used with tap water and not necessarily demineralized. However, despite this “authorisation”, it is advisable to avoid filling the steam generator with hot water or waste water (such as rainwater, water from a condensing dryer, etc.).

This lack of forethought can happen Damaging the iron and causing it to age prematurely. However, to keep the performance of the steam generator unchanged, it is important to do this Remove deposits periodically. This process is done based on the frequency of use of the iron and the hardness of the water inside the tank.

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To perform proper maintenance, simply check the device’s instructions for use.

It’s good practice Empty and rinse the tank periodically From the steam generator. On average, this process should be performed every 10 uses.


Most irons have a self-cleaning button, but this is not the case for all appliances.

If your iron does not have this function, check it periodically manual descaling, Add white vinegar to the water and pour it into the steam generator tank.

You can now turn on the device and wait for the water to boil. You can then turn off the device and leave the water and vinegar inside for hours, even overnight, before emptying and rinsing it several times.