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The chaos of Ryanair and the desperate and abandoned travelers.  Website and app shutdown for hours

The chaos of Ryanair and the desperate and abandoned travelers. Website and app shutdown for hours

Fans departing for European matches abroad and regular travelers departing on Ryanair flights will face serious difficulties on Wednesday 16 February 2022. The Ryanair app and website is not working properly for those trying to reach their personal area To buy a flight, modify it, and above all to make Check-in for immediate travel or transfer. The anomaly has been going on for hours, even since the afternoon Yesterday, February 15: That is why the company’s customers are definitely disappointed with the service provided at this time, especially since the cost of checking in at the airport is equivalent to €55 non-refundable (for now) by the low cost company.

Many people who depart from various Italian airports and do not reach their destination, are in the midst of anxiety due to the problems they face just to make Log in and access the exit portal. In Rome, moments of tension due to the lack of assistance are requested by some travelers from the Irish company, which responds simply by asking for 55 euros for check-in at the counter, which is absolutely free if done from the site or app.

type of problems

As mentioned earlier, the Ryanair app and website don’t work when accessing the personal area with a login (but for many even from home). It does not seem that there are certain differences between the methods of authentication: in fact, problems may recur in the case of an attempt from smartphones and from desktop computers, and from iOS operating systems such as Android. Precisely for this reason, we can probably talk about an anomaly that is widespread and probably not easy to solve, given the difficulties that have been going on for hours now.

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lack of help

It should be noted that although the Ryanair app and website are not operational on Wednesdays in the middle of the month, There is not even a toll free phone number at which to get help for persistent problems. A support number is available for paid customers at a maximum cost of €15. Customers of the airline who are experiencing difficulty can call +39 0230560007, bearing in mind that local fare costs will apply and in any case those provided by their operator.

Article by Stefano Gazi –