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The Boeing X-37B military spacecraft has returned from space after 908 days in orbit

The Boeing X-37B military spacecraft has returned from space after 908 days in orbit

In recent years, after the end of the space shuttle program, space planes They are again beginning to interest space and military agencies as well as private companies. as written .In the past China is developing orbital space planes And the subtropical which can be used for both civilian and military missions. Sierra Space complete The first prototype of the Dream Chaser (which will power the International Space Station and future space stations) but one of the most popular space planes of the new era is definitely Boeing X-37B.

Little is known about this model as it has been covered by military secret. The objectives of its tasks and its full technical characteristics are not clear. What is known is that it is an unmanned unit (due to its small size compared to the orbiting space shuttle) and can perform long-duration missions in orbit without additional manning. in these hours Boeing and the space force They announced the end of the sixth mission.

The secret Boeing X-37B spacecraft has returned from space

As written, there is an aura of mystery surrounding this space plane. There are several official photos of the outer area while the cargo compartment is kept secret as well as the various payloads brought into orbit. according to mentioned there Sixth task subordinate Boeing X-37B It lasted well 908 days (just under 30 months).


Landed at Kennedy Space Center at 11:22 a.m. on November 12. The previous record was equal to 780 days, so with this task we have crossed that limit. Boeing He emphasized how, in general, secret space plane Rotating cap 2.09 billion km At 3,774 days (124 months) large margins appear in terms of reuse.

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During this mission, inside the dormitory Boeing X-37B There was an adaptation that made it possible to include multiple payloads at the same time. The adapter (possibly similar to the adapter used in space rockets and satellites) was launched into space before landing.

Boeing x37b

The general Saltzman’s Chance I have announced “This mission highlights the Space Force’s focus on cooperating in space exploration and expanding access to low-cost spaces for our partners, both within and outside the Department of the Air Force (DAF).”. Although there is no exact information about what he carried space planein the official notes we read that there was a file an experience dedicated tosolar energy it’s a FalconSat-8 . satellite (maybe cubes) developed by students of the Air Force Academy.

They were also present on the plane experiments subordinate NASA (METIS-2) to assess the exposure of some materials to the conditions of space and some seeds were also on board (for research related to the growth of plants in colonies outside the planet in the future). It cannot be excluded that this type of space aircraft can also be used in sabotage operations against the satellites of the countries being considered. “enemies” But, as written above, the information remains a military secret (even with regard to Chinese versions).

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