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"That guy over there...".  Another misstep for Biden

“That guy over there…”. Another misstep for Biden

US President Joe Biden, described by his critics as “sleepy atmosphere“Because of the frequent decline in his clarity, he has once again become the victim of intense criticism for what appears to be another of his works.”slip“.On the Internet, the moment the White House tenant, during the recent summit with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Australia, is now going viral”I forgot the nameFor the Head of the Government of Canberra Scott Morrison.

While announcing the birth of the coalition in the White House Australia In the security sector, the Democratic president, while attending premieres in London and Canberra on remote video call, has been accused of lacking memory in addressing Morrison to thank him. Biden first praised Britain’s Boris Johnson and thanked him for London’s commitment to perfecting the anti-China treaty by saying “Thank you, Boris”, then looked at the screen broadcasting images of Scott Morrison regarding from Australia, committing the offending coupon.

Trump’s successor, the moment Morrison said goodbye, hesitated for a moment, apparently not remembering the first’s name, and came out with the expression: “And I thank that guy over there. Thank you very much my friendMorrison then shrugged off what had happened, and raised his thumb only as a sign of OK. However, the American president was soon shocked by the clarity, perhaps thanks to the signal he had given him through a transmitter in his headphones, defining at once:Today I am honored to be joined by two of our closest allies, Australia and the United Kingdom, to launch a new phase of trilateral security cooperation between our two countries. As Prime Minister Morrison and Prime Minister Johnson have said, I want to thank you for this partnership. “

Despite Morrison himself and other summit participants trying not to highlight Biden’s forgetfulness, the Democratic leader’s slip clips instantly went crazy, unleashing mockery And criticism from users about the inadequacy of the President of the United States in office. Before the gaffe over the Australian prime minister’s name, the commander-in-chief ended up at the center of the controversy because he constantly checked his watch during institutional tributes to the 13 American soldiers who died in Afghanistan and because they were pinched. to me “sonnchiariDuring his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

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