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Thanksgiving movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed

Thanksgiving movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed

TV8 He suggests the film titled Today Thanksgiving. It is a dramatic film with an emotional and family comedy atmosphere.

Production is from United State Its date is 2013. Its duration is one hour and 25 minutes. The show is open to an audience that also includes minors. in Italy Distribution was done through the channel Hallmark channel.

Thanksgiving movie actors

Thanksgiving Movie – Direction, Heroes, Where It Was Filmed

The trend is by Kevin Connor. The main characters are Mary Ross H Everett Mather Played straight before Emily Rose H Justin Bruning. Also in the cast Julia Jones In turn Victoria.

Filmed in United Stateespecially A Boston in state Massachusetts. Production is from Media for complete production In cooperation with Larry Levinson Productions H Nonius Productions.

The original title is Thanksgiving house.

The Thanksgiving movie where it was filmedThe Thanksgiving movie where it was filmed

Thanksgiving – film piece that was broadcast on TV8

The plot follows events Mary Ross engaged to Rick Allen. She is a charismatic, well-known and respected lawyer. One day she was told that she had received an inheritance from her late aunt. It is A's house Plymouth In the Massachusetts.

The first feeling, as soon as I received the news of the inheritance, was the desire to sell the house. This is also the opinion of her boyfriend Rick. Therefore, it appears that the apartment is prepared to be put up for sale.

Once Marie She arrived at the site, and when she saw the house where she had spent happy moments of her childhood, she was overcome with a kind of remorse. So he decided to change his plans and stop selling the property.

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What convinces her that this is the right decision is a meeting with a young archaeologist. Everett Mather. According to the researcher, the house has enormous historical and cultural value because it is located directly in the place where the celebration took place First Thanksgiving Throughout the history of the United States of America.

Final spoiler

On the basis of this news, the house becomes a real tourist attraction. In the meantime, however, the association with Everett It puts a strain on his relationship with Rick Allen. In fact, the feeling towards the archaeologist is getting stronger and stronger day by day.

H Marie She finds herself divided between those who want to sell the house RickAnd who and how Everett The building is a real place of great historical and cultural value.

The ultimate Thanksgiving movieThe ultimate Thanksgiving movie

Thanksgiving – Full Cast

Below is the film's cast Thanksgiving And the characters played by the actors

  • Emily Rose – Mary Ross
  • Julia Jones -Victoria
  • Adam Kaufman -Rick Allen
  • Serena Vincent -Ashley Mulligan
  • Jack Scalia -John Ross
  • Ramon de Ocampo – Spence
  • Lindsay Wagner – Abigail's mother
  • Justin Bruning – Everett Mather