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Windows 11 2022 Update Downloaded: News

It has long been referred to as 22H2 during the testing phase, called the first major update of Microsoft’s operating system Windows 11 2022 Update in its final incarnation. The subtraction phase begins in these hours: it will be gradual and progressive, as it almost always happens in these cases. It will be completed within the next few weeks.

Windows 11 2022 Update Day: All the news

to me Download From the package, just start the Windows Update utility and start the procedure. The advice is, of course, to do this when you can give the computer the time it takes to perform the installation and subsequent reboot. Let’s see which one is more important Ads Redmond introduced him to the podium.

  • Accessibility: automatic creation of subtitles for the audio stream played by all applications, and Natural Voices technology to improve the voice assistant (both features are initially available only in the US);
  • productivitySnap planning to improve multitasking performance, focus sessions to avoid distractions, and improve battery management;
  • Telecommunications: All-new audio and video effects for video calls, audio focus for active noise cancellation, background blur for background blur, eye contact to simulate the gaze that always points to the webcam and automatic framing for automated frame management;
  • creativity: integrated Clipchamp video editor;
  • the games: support for automatic HDR and variable refresh rate;
  • Android apps: Amazon Appstore rolled out in new territories (still in preview);
  • safety: Defender SmartScreen to protect your Microsoft account credentials, Hello for Business to protect your PC when you leave (via biometric authentication) and Smart App Control to block malicious code.
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Windows 11 2022 Update: Control Security Smart Apps

All details and insights about the Windows 11 2022 update can be found at Official Blog from Microsoft. As initially expected, the begs It has already started in more than 190 countries around the world.

That’s not all, more news is on the way

The will already expressed by Microsoft is to release more updates more frequently. Thus it will be possible to continue to provide New features Without waiting for the appointment with the next major update. Some of the things most users have come to expect will already arrive by October.

Student loudly and has already undergone a long test phase, the support cards inside File Explorer It will finally be available in a few weeks. This will improve the organization of your open folders, in a very similar fashion to browsing the web in the Edge browser.

Windows 11: Tab Support for File Explorer

At the same time, they will then make their first innovations for the application picture (galleries, simplified image search and management), feature Suggested actions when copying (Tips on quick actions to take by copying, for example, a phone number or a date), fileOverride on the taskbar (to show the icons of all open programs) and the new file modes to share (Identification and transmission to neighboring devices).

Windows 11 2022 Update: Platform Evolution

The release of this new update can be interpreted as a mission statement by Microsoft. It’s an evolution of the platform, the first, but certainly not the last.

Panos Panay (Executive Vice President and Product Manager, Windows and Hardware), today one of the most representative faces of the company, has repeatedly emphasized how Windows 11 set itself a goal Responding to constantly changing needson all fronts. This is what the years of the health crisis have taught us.

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The will is to offer suitable tools to be productive in a hybrid way of work, to communicate and at the same time forms of leisure for leisure. To do this, it will be necessary to switch between them Cross-platform approachalready partially tried integrating Android app support.

A computer is no longer intended to be a device per se, therefore, but as part of a file environmental system broader and more comprehensive. Also take advantage of the potential of Cloud We are determined to make this vision tangible and usable.