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Tesla’s new feature is coming soon, but only for Europe

Tesla’s new feature is coming soon, but only for Europe

Tesla cars actually monitor the driver, making sure they are very attentive while driving. In this way there is a possibility to reduce road accidents as much as possible. Now Tesla has introduced a new feature to combat these risks.

Photography by Bloomist – Pixabay

the Tesla (Only in Europe for now) It will be coming soon A system capable of detecting when the driver is tired and asleep. This function is called “Driver drowsiness warning”.

New Tesla feature that allows you to avoid accidents

Photo by Capitalstreet_fx06 – Pixabay

“Driver drowsiness warning”, translated as follows: Driver fatigue recognition is a really cutting-edge feature introduced by Tesla. Using the cabin-facing camera above the rear-view mirror, the car can detect any changes in behavior, such as yawning or blinking, and send a warning message to the central touchscreen with an audio signal.

It is activated automatically when the speed limit is exceeded for at least 10 minutes without autopilot intervention.

Furthermore, a similar system will be mandatory on all new vehicles sold in Europe. The Drowsiness and Driver Attention Alert (DDAW) system will be mandatory for all new vehicles sold in Europe from July 7, 2024, and its functions are similar to Tesla’s.

It is important to know that the Tesla Driver Drowsiness Warning offers the possibility of being deactivated by the driver, but only for the duration of the current trip. This means that it will be automatically reactivated at the start of a new journey.

Other Tesla features

Photo by valentin_b90 – Pixabay
  • Use your PIN to driveTo drive using a PIN, you can select a four-digit verification code to be entered before driving the vehicle.
  • Anti-theft alarm: If a previously locked door or trunk is opened without a valid access key, the alarm will be activated and the exterior lights will flash.
  • Activate autopilot: Allows the car to automatically perform steering, acceleration and braking operations within its lane. To ensure greater safety and make the driving experience more enjoyable, this function has been introduced. These options are specifically designed to free the driver from the most tedious tasks. Autopilot, by introducing new features and improving existing ones, makes Teslas safer and smarter over time. Current autopilot functions require the driver to actively supervise the vehicle and therefore do not allow for autonomous driving.
  • Play video games: An emulator has been integrated that allows you to play popular video games, even using the Tesla steering wheel as a controller.
  • Rename the car: Some users discovered “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (Elon Musk’s favorite book). Forty-two, the answer to the ultimate question about life, about all of existence, is described in Douglas Adams’s 1979 novel. The Deep Thought supercomputer only takes seven and a half million to arrive after thinking about it. It was necessary to rename the Tesla car with the symbol “42” to make the famous quote from the book, “Life, the universe and everything,” visible on the dashboard and on the touchscreen.
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