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Temperature record in France, thermometer above 42 degrees – the world

Several historical temperature records have been broken today in France: from Brest to Biscarros, via Nantes, on “the hottest day of this heat wave”, declared Météo-France. According to provisional values ​​recorded at 5 pm, the thermometer indicated 39.3 °C in Brest (compared to the previous record of 35.1 °C in August 2003), 39.5 °C in Saint-Brieuc (compared to 38 °C 1 °C). in August 2003), 42 °C in Nantes (compared to 40.3 °C in July 1949) or 42.6 °C in Biscarros (compared to 41.7 °C in June 2022).

Western France and central and southern England, including London, are now gradually being exposed to a sweltering heat wave, which will bring temperatures in excess of 40 degrees, an absolute record for the UK. In France, 15 departments are on alert and the temperature is expected to be most intense in the regions of Aquitaine, where 42 degrees or more are expected, and in Brittany. Across the Channel, the authorities issued a few days ago warnings to residents to stay at home, warning that extreme heat could kill, and even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, yesterday asked residents of the capital not to use public transport except in cases of need.

They say western France is facing a “severe catastrophe”. experts. Temperatures are expected to reach record levels in 15 regions in the southwest, which are already grappling with violent fires. The Météo France Institute predicts that “in some areas of the southwest there will be a thermal catastrophe” that could reach 44 degrees in some areas, followed by a “scorching night”.

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city Paris Raises the alert level to the four predicted levels on the weather watch gauge. In addition to activating the crisis unit, various measures have been announced by local authorities, such as the opening of cold rooms with free entry in the districts, the strengthening of aid for the homeless, and the opening of parks and gardens even at night to allow Parisians. Tourists will find a little peace. Paris is among the most densely populated cities in the world, with few public green spaces in the city centre. According to experts, today may be one of the hottest days ever in the history of France.