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Venezuelans in Italy, Maduro is not allowed to vote

Venezuelans in Italy, Maduro is not allowed to vote

Venezuela Italy Maduro

A new maneuver for Maduro: The regime prevents Venezuelans in Italy (and around the world) from voting

There are more than 5.2 million Venezuelans in the diaspora since the presidential elections. The regime's consulates (including Italy) have so far obstructed their registration to vote under the pretext that they do not have fingerprint devices due to “sanctions” by the United States and the European Union. Cuban classic. Or simply without motivation. Many complaints from Venezuelans “bounced off” from consulates in Milan and other Italian cities whether any local media were interested in asking (Venezuelans in the diaspora, not local officials of the Maduro dictatorship).

Paolo Manzo, March 28, 2024

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