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Telecoms to the EU: “Big online platforms help with network development costs: this is not sustainable”

in a open letter The CEOs of some of the major European operators (Vodafone, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and Orange) have written to the EU to demand the introduction of rules that Also ask large digital platforms to contribute to the development of network infrastructures.

The current situation is simply unsustainable“The message reads. What the five operators are complaining about is that investments in network infrastructure are now covered only by telecoms companies, while the large platforms are”Earn thanks to low-cost and rapidly scalable business models, while network operators shoulder the investments required to connect“.

The satellite network to bring the Internet to all parts of Europe, even in places where it does not exist today: the European Union allocated 6 billion euros

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Referring to those who provide entertainment services, such as social networks and streaming movies and TV series, relying on the infrastructure of fixed and mobile networks, but without contributing to the development of these networks; Hence companies like Amazon and Meta that control Facebook, Instagram and Netflix.

In Italy alone, operators have spent more than 6.5 billion euros to obtain a license for 5G network frequencies.

We have failed to reach a return on investment, which is very important, further jeopardizing infrastructure developmentAccording to executives of the five companies.

The letter referred to ongoing discussions in other countries, such as South Korea and the United States, where “Lawmakers are moving towards a global system that is also funded by digital platforms“.

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