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Taxi, it’s the day of national strike against dl Asset

Taxi, it’s the day of national strike against dl Asset

Why are we protesting?

After the bus and metro strike, it is the turn of taxis to protest under the transport ministry. A strike defined as “customary” that “respects the law in force” reminds us that it is not the responsibility of authority to “judge the reasons”. The “Incentive Property Ordinance”, USB claims, condemns the possibility of granting up to 20% of new licenses as a negative element, “nullifies every provision that provides for regional planning”. Taxi drivers accuse “local authorities and the government of issuing responsibilities for an increase in licenses without any concrete data,” USB warns. As Usb Taxi’s coordinator, Riccardo Cacchione explains, “there is already a law that has been waiting for four and a half years”. “A measure was introduced to reorganize the sector and reconstruct the map that the Ministry of Transport does not have, which intervenes without concrete data and cancels provisions such as the granting of licenses. Territories. In short, the implementing decrees are the exact opposite of what should have been done.”

Urso: “The strike is so incomprehensible”

For the Minister of Commerce and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, it was an “incomprehensible” protest. “The strike called by the taxi drivers is a bit of a reactionary protest because the reform has been in place by decree for a few months and we have given it to the workers, NCC owners and all other sector players,” the minister said.

Source: “Absurd and Unreasonable Opposition”

According to Assoutenti, the strike is “absurd and completely unmotivated, so we call on the Guarantee Commission for strikes and heads of state across Italy to intervene to guarantee citizens’ rights”. The president of the association, Furio Truzzi, said, “It is not clear why the taxi drivers are striking against the citizens and fighting the decree already in force for some months, among others the maximum limit is 20%. The new licenses, the municipalities, even without the property decree, were already in a position to increase their territory. .A ridiculous and baseless strike, which has divided the category of taxi drivers, not surprisingly, many unions have not joined the demonstration. But the irony is that this strike will further reduce a service that is already clearly inadequate in the main cities of Italy, which will only damage citizens – continues Truzzi – for this reason throughout Italy. We are asking the Guarantee Commission on Strikes and Principals to guarantee the rights of users by taking measures aimed at ensuring unscheduled public transport service on October 10.

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