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Even Airbnb Discovers the Electric Car: Recharge in the App


Airbnb detects electric tourists and has given them for a few days the ability to select accommodations with recharge directly from the homepage of their website and app.

airbnb rechargeEven if the path to access the required information is not self-evident. Moreover, the characteristics of the system, such as power and type of recharge, were not specified. Airbnb has added the functionality that allows you to filter your search based on the presence of a wall column or box after years of lobbying from users.

But the service needs improvement

Born in 2008, Airbnb has already announced the launch of Partnership con tesla To install chargers in the homes of some hosts. A year later, Airbnb added a partnership with solar city To develop the installation of solar panels in the tourist accommodation network.

Last May, Airbnb introduced more than 100 updates to its platform, with new features and more intuitive advisory paths. Among these is, in fact, a reference to “electric vehicle charging stations” by the textual definition that appears among the filters in the Italian version.

Once this filter is selected from the Airbnb Italia homepage or through the application, after registration, it appears that in our country there are “more than 300” tourist accommodations that provide this service.

Airbnb and Recharge, a small guide

the road For the information you provide:

-to choose search criteriaLocation, number of guests and length of stay required

– Once in “Search” button A screen with a button appears “Filters” (top left).

– From the “Filters” button, you will move to a third screen that appears Different types of filters.

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– Scroll down to the item “Structures” Then open the “Show all properties” dropdown menu.

The box containing the item will appear here.Electric car charging stations“.

– Once you check this box, the file structures Equipped with a charger closer To the chosen location, available for the required period.

airbnb recharge

As already mentioned on Airbnb Does not give more information on the type of shipping. But the user can enter the site of the chosen structure or contact her For details.

Airbnb made this feature available globally, then in America and across Europe.

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