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Taiwan, 'Biden wants to sell 1.1 billion weapons'.  Beijing: "Use it to stop."  Taiwanese warning shots against Chinese drones

Taiwan, ‘Biden wants to sell 1.1 billion weapons’. Beijing: “Use it to stop.” Taiwanese warning shots against Chinese drones

Administration Biden Intend to ask formally Congress consent to the sale of weapons 1.1 billion dollars to Taiwan. Report it Politician. The package includes 60 Agm-84L Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles for 355 million and 100 Aim-9X Block II Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for 85 million, plus 655.4 million for a contract extension for radar surveillance.

This news comes as China has been sending ships and aircraft carriers into the Taiwan Strait daily for a few weeks After the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And Beijing’s response was not delayed, through the words of a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Liu Bingyu: United State “They should immediately stop selling arms to Taiwan and military contacts with Taiwan,” Liu said, referring to Washington’s plans to sell $1.1 billion in arms. They have to stop creating factors that can lead to tensions In the Taiwan Strait, the US government’s declaration not to support the island’s “independence” should be followed. Pingyu said any military contact with the Taiwanese territory would violate the “one China” principle.

Taiwan, for its part, made it known – through the island’s chief Tsai Ing-wen – That Taipei will continue to maintain “moderation and calm” in the face of China’s trials, but at the same time will adopt relative “countermeasures.” On a visit to an air base on the Pinghu Islands, in the Taiwan Strait, Tsai said, “The more provocative the enemy is, the more calm we must be, without allowing the other side to act. Inappropriate excuses for causing conflictTsai, in a local media report, recalled his recent raids Chinese drones in Kinmen Islands, administered by Taiwan and only a few kilometers off the coast of Fujian. In this area, the Taiwanese armed forces opened fire Warning shots Targeting the same drones: In a statement, the Taipei Ministry of Defense reported that the Kinmen Defense Command monitored more raids in the areas of Dadan, Erdan and Chiu in the afternoon. At 17.59 local time (11.59 in Italy), a new raid led to the use of real shots according to the new 4-step containment program: “Warning, report on the raid, expel the drone and kill.” Meanwhile, the national airline, China Airlines, will buy 16 Boeing 787s to replace the aging fleet of Airbus A330s after a bidding followed on the back of regional tensions. The order is valued at $4.6 billion at published prices.

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Shortly after Nancy Pelosi’s visit, he appeared And the American authorities returned to the island with five representatives of Congress America landed in Taipei. The delegation was headed by the Democratic Senator Ed Markey It aims to dialogue on US-Taiwan relations. After that, the island’s Defense Ministry confirmed the approach of six Chinese ships and 29 military planes from the center line of the strait that separates the island from Chinese territory. Of those, 13 people crossed the midline and entered what Taipei considers its Flight Safety Zone which, according to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, “does not exist.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry was not impressed by Marche’s visit Wang Wenbinwho promised “Resolute and strong measures to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

Meanwhile, in China, the Communist Party will maintain its rule XX Conference October 16 next. State network reports CCTVAnnouncing the expected event that the President of the Court expects Xi Jinping Obtaining an unprecedented third term in the General Secretariat.