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Support swelled from Naples to America to recognize Cyril as a member of the Franklin Academy.

Expanding support for recognition petitions dDomenico CirilloNaturalist, physician and patriot, first Italian member of the Neapolitan Republic, 1799 American Philosophical AssociationAcademy established Benjamin Franklin 1743 in Philadelphia.

Last December 30th we gave a messageProfessor’s effort. Amedeo ArenaAimed at revising the records of the University of Naples Federico II, the prestigious American Academy, in which Cyril was erroneously reported as “Professor Famitz”. A petition cameIt has received several reports of support in Italy and the United States America.

The Mayor of Naples, Prof Gaetano Manfrediannounced in this regard: “The research work carried out with determination by Prof. Amedeo Arena offers the opportunity to regulate an antiquarian affair, but one of great value to Naples and the whole metropolis. It admitted the Neapolitan physician Domenico Cirillo to the American Philosophical Society, the first Italian member of this American Academy, Neapolitan from the 18th century. “Reflects a proper recognition of the power and international role that scientific culture had. Therefore, I strongly support the effort to correct the transcription error and help underline the deep ties that connect Italy, and Naples in particular, to America”.

The Rector of the Federico II University, Prof. Matteo Lorito, strongly supports the initiative: «Sometimes a mere material error can deprive an entire scientific community of just and unanimous recognition. In 1768 it happened precisely by the election of our teacher Domenico Cirillo, an eminent Neapolitan physician, entomologist and botanist. ) was elected a member of a leading American academy, particularly selective in its inclusion of non-American scientists at the time. As per the recently revamped mechanics, the new partner was erroneously reported with an incorrect and non-existent name. Therefore, the entire academic community of the University of Naples Federico II supports the Professor’s initiative. Arena aims to correct this error of historical value, to restore the dignity of an important recognition to a great scientist of the past, and to restore an important symbol of an ancient connection between two scientific communities operating in Naples and abroad.

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Dr. Arturo Armón Caruso is of the same opinion. Member of the Cirilliani study group and author of several articles and lessons about this intellectual from Campania: «Domenico Cirillo, in the panorama of international culture, has played a significant role in the dissemination of botanical, medical and social knowledge. Thanks to Cyril, it was possible to establish a suitable treatment against syphilis, which was practiced until the advent of antibiotics. Among other things, Cirillo was one of the pioneers of social and health humanization through his academic lectures and his national charity program. Thanks to his studies, Cirillo was welcomed in Italian scientific circles, especially the Accademia dei Quaranta and the Florentine Botanical Society. Also, he had connections with the scientific world outside of Europe, particularly with America. These statements were mediated by John Morgan, who proposed the Cyrillic inscription to the American Philosophical Society, which was not properly recorded. In the light of what has been said, it would be desirable to recognize Cirillo’s election into this prestigious institution.

Support for this initiative also comes from the US: In fact, the petition was also signed by professors and scholars from Harvard, Berkeley, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York universities.

said Maria Sachs, vice mayor of Palm Beach County, Florida: «This initiative to highlight the impact of important Italian personalities continues with my proposal, unanimously approved by the Florida Legislature, to declare October as Italian and Italian American Culture Month in Florida. For these reasons, I fully support this petition.”

Attorney Paul Finizio’s support also comes from FloridaFormer president of the National Italian American Bar Association, and lawyer Antonella Brancaccio-Balzano, Honorary Consul of Italy in Orlando“Correcting the transcription error of 1768 is necessary to give due credit to Cirillo, the physician and naturalist, and to his Naples, which has always played a fundamental role in the international scene. Let us remember that Naples has maintained a firm friendship with America for more than two centuries, hosting one of the first American diplomatic missions in Europe.

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Professor Arena, who created the petition, said: “I am deeply moved by the support for this petition from Neapolitans and Italian-Americans living ten thousand kilometers away. This engagement demonstrates how strong the bond that connects Naples and America is today. Cyril’s recognition as the first Italian member of the American Philosophical Society only confirms the longevity of this bond, which has its roots in the values ​​of the Enlightenment. This can be seen from the correspondence between Gaetano Filangiri and Benjamin Franklin, recently a Exhibition At the Institute of Italian Culture in San Francisco, it will soon be exhibited in Naples, Vigo Equense and Cava di Treni.

Anyone can sign the petition by clicking on it And in the link you receive in the confirmation email. Membership registration requires two steps. Instead, we invite you to reject any request for donation, as it does not come from this initiative.