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Starfield contains 1000 planets but also has the most content “hand-made” by Bethesda –


idea that starfield Allow you to explore 1000 planetsAs reported by Todd Howard during the game’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, it made us consider heavy use of procedural generation, but according to the team leader, the game still features More ‘manually’ created content Even compared to previous games.

it is clear that procedural generation He interferes to get a good amount of material, forcing to give life and manage 1,000 freely exploreable planets, but that doesn’t mean Bethesda didn’t design a good part of the contents anyway.

However, these contents are all together in greater quantities than previously seen in other games Bethesdawhich tends to use a really random-type building in some situations, such as the small dungeons in The Elder Scrolls.

As Howard mentioned, the developers wanted to “say yes” to the players, leaving them free to explore a really massive area, providing a huge amount of planets. However, in Stafield “there is more content molded Hand any other previously released Bethesda game,” explained the project manager.

We’ve seen that the main mission will last 30-40 hours, but as Howard explains “you have to be careful in judging exactly where you have to go, or uniquely indicating to the player where he should find the most satisfactory parts of the game” . In fact, the intent is to let everyone find their own fun by facing Starfield in a different way: “You want to land on an alien planet, observe it, build an outpost, live your life there, and watch the sunset because you love seeing the moons from there? So you go, ‘We love this stuff,’ Howard said.

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Among the hand-built items in Starfield are 4 major cities which appear to be the largest that Bethesda has built, including the stunning New Atlantis that he glimpsed during his Xbox & Bethesda Showcase presentation. Howard also confirmed that Fallout 5 is on the schedule, but that it will come after The Elder Scrolls 6.

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