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Starbucks in Bologna, there is an opening date

Starbucks in Bologna, there is an opening date

Bologna, February 19, 2024 – The big day is almost here. In fact, on March 1st Starbucks Its central location will be open to the public Via Dazilioat No. 34, will be the first point of sale in Emilia Romagna From the large American coffee shop chain.

The works have progressed rapidly, after experiencing minor technical delays in recent weeks, and now everything is ready for the opening which will take place, according to the latest forecasts, on March 1st.

Furthermore, the day before, a press preview will be held in which the intervention will be explained live.

Starbucks will be in the pedestrian section of Via D'Azeglio and will take advantage of the beautiful frescoed hall of the historic building that once housed Mondadori store.

“This project will receive great interest from the people of Bologna,” he says Giancarlo TonelliDirector general ConfoCommercio Ascom – but also by the public who follows this type of activity and who will come to Bologna from other areas of the region and Italy. Therefore, we believe that choosing to open a Starbucks store here represents an added value to the city, which confirms its attractiveness to companies, including international ones, because it can occupy a strategic location.”

Sharing spaces in the same building with Starbucks would be the perfect solutionAmy's Atelier From the group Calzedonia.

Opening of the famous place'FrappuccineIt was introduced last year by a trade consultant Louisa Guidon As part of a special plan for the sector that included 15 new openings in the historic center (including the Roman theater in Via dei Carbonesi) in derogation of 'Organized by UNESCOWhich limits the presence of activities within the historical centers. Starbucks, as we previously explained at the time, will not have an outdoor area overlooking Via D'Azeglio.

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“this New activity – adds Tonelli – We hope that this will be another reason, among many, to visit our historic center. “This is positive news for Poland and we are sure that it will have positive effects for the entire region.”