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Driving license, this small number written on the back means a fine of 600 euros |  Check now if you have too

Driving license, this small number written on the back means a fine of 600 euros | Check now if you have too

License code – –

Everyone dreams of driving a car from an early age, and when that happens you feel free and as if nothing can limit you. But that is not the case.

First of all, after duly passing both driving tests, theoretical and practical, and having the license in your pocket, you can immediately Limited By law, by Traffic Laws.

It is inevitable that this will be the case, as it inevitably happens: If we do not limit ourselves And in respecting the rules, there will be only one way the forest Worse than it seems indeed.

And that's not all: they exist too Many other restrictions Which, regardless, must be taken into account and respected, even if non necessarily For everyone.

If there are, there are, gods border Respect and the “boundaries” that relate To morals Behavioral pre-legal, and in other cases specifically Norms That engraving.

Here's the code that changes everything if you have it

For example, there is a certain type of code, which is placed on the back of the driver's license and which, if present, indicates the risk of a fine of six hundred euros: what are we talking about? This is known as code 05. Now, of course, everyone will check whether their license contains this code or not. But pay special attention to this item.

Code 05 is certainly not listed on a driver's license by default, at least not on the entire driver's license, not regardless. In fact, it is a symbol that indicates certain limits of leadership. It is part of a long list of symbols, from zero to more than 100, which in Europe, following specific legislation, are indicated on the back of a driving license to indicate certain restrictions or restrictions.

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Code 05, that's what it means

There are symbols that indicate the structural limits of cars, and others related to that for him that Guide. In particular, the symbol 05 denotes boundaries that indicate restrictions set for the gods the reasons Purely Medici. For example, driving during the day (code 05.01) or then driving within a radius Total kilometers From residence or only within the city – area.

Again, drive without passengers, and drive within a distance Although how much every hourThen drive AccompaniedDriving without need They drank And so on and so on. These are specific codescoordinator“Which reaches 99, While from 100 onwards, there are other regions that are only valid in the Landsindividual countries Of memberships. For example, code 01 indicates that you must drive with glasses EyeglassesCode 02 talks about devices My voicewhile 03 of suit To the arts.