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Space missions, Italy at the forefront of space

Space missions, Italy at the forefront of space

Today more than ever space Show Great opportunitiesStarting with the Apollo 11 mission that brought humans to the moon in 1969, the development of technologies, which are still in use today, has made huge strides, making the tools used in space missions more effective.

As wellItaly It was always in First line In the path of space and in all areas of space exploration, to become Economic engine And the strategy for our country.

Space missions, Italy at the forefront of space

Italy has always played a critical role internationally in space missions, so much so that it spreads from north to south of the shoe they live in. 250 companies Specializes in space activities that give work to beyond 7000 people.

In particular, our country has managed to acquire a niche in the space sectorEarth observation From space to use the information gathered for the public good, as happened with the satellite publication.

A satellite publication to study the health of our planet

It entered orbit for two years now, with a Vega missile at an altitude of 620 km, it was Satellite Prisma Clean up every corner of our planet to try to help us better understand its current nook Health statusAnd above all, how to intervene to improve it. This Colleferro satellite was designed and built by Avio and its name is an acronym HyperSpectral Precursor of the Application Mission.

The Prisma satellite is without a doubt the hero of the Italian Space Agency mission that was developed for testing Spectrophotometric technologies To monitor our planet. During its time in orbit, Prisma was able to shed light on the health of our planet by providing the first observations. Discover the satellite Floating plastic islands, Focusing even on those invisible below the water’s surface. Thanks to this and many other technologies, it is time to seize opportunities Space economy And he boldly set the path towards new horizons that opened up to humanity that did not make space so close to Earth as it is today.

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