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Ferrari farm: grow without chemistry on earth and in space!


What can arise from the sum of two degrees in engineering – electronics and aerospace – and an innate environmental drive? “Ferrari Ranch, A farm that is able to combine tradition and innovation in a “biologically different” way. Giorgia PonteWho applied the two titles “to a great love of nature that he inherited from my family of humble peasant origins. I’ve always been looking for a way to prove it Technology and agriculture They could get along and I wasn’t always understood, in fact, I was often referred to as a “crazy visionary”. In fact, my training allowed me to “dream” and look beyond … ».

Cradle of Georgia is Sicolano, An ancient rural land in the lower province of Rieti, inhabited in ancient times by proud Equi, which Rome subjugated in 304 BC; to me Circito, A hill from orchards to the emergence of the lake, “To preserve our profession, we have recreated an organic orchard with about 3,500 plants of different local varieties; In our area, we have also created a botanical garden and a garden of aromatic spices in the open field, both of which are certified organic, to obtain the highest quality fruits and vegetables, Without the use of chemical or phytosanitary treatments».

Innovation translates into prof Hydroponics Unique in Europe, Use Computerized, fully enclosed, and sterile greenhouses. “This plant allows us to confirm that, in addition to respecting tradition, we have brought innovation to Cicolano. The sterile environment inside our greenhouses ensures the complete absence of pollutants from the external environment, the absence of pathogens, viruses and diseases, creating a unique climate inside the greenhouse, regardless of the external climatic conditions, with real-time control of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide2».

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In fact, the system allows crops that are free of chemicals and pesticides. “The airtight environment also ensures that the external climate conditions do not fully affect the agriculture, and at the same time, there are no emissions into the atmosphere.” The factory includes two greenhouses and “Phytotron“A sealed environment does not resort to glazing and sunlight, but rather to insulating panels and industrial LED lighting, to ensure production even without natural lighting.” Electronic “Farming Recipe” It allows the computer to control and control the entire cycle at any time, every day, and for the entire life of the plant without the need for human intervention.

Upon entering the laboratory, that Digital tools Do we face and under what conditions they contribute to maintaining sustainability? “My greenhouses are completely managed by a computer, thanks to the creation of this e-farming recipe, which, at any moment and in the whole cycle of plants, realizes their ideal climate, manages watering and so on. Thanks to the details Automation systems“Greenhouses can be supervised remotely, and they are able to self-diagnose, which reduces downtime and problem solving.”

The characteristics of greenhouses in Ferrari Farm make them suitable not only for use on the ground, but even in The space: “Growing plants in an“ artificial ”environment like ours is finding a deviation where conventional agriculture cannot reach, allowing you to cultivate in a healthy, clean and automatic way everywhere in the world: equator, poles, desert, polluted areas and find Great app for space missions long term. Should we go back to the moon and then go to Mars, then? Water greenhouses in a controlled and confined environment They show themselves to be the only alternative to being able to Cultivation outside our planet».

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The astounding is its longevity in history Hydroponics techniqueWhich engineer Pontetti rejects in a futuristic way. “The history of hydroponics is older than the pyramids. Man has always tried to grow plants in water: the Babel Gardens are an example of the splendor of hydroponics, but in the same way the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and even there The critically acclaimed rhetoric whether soil or cultivation without soil was born first. It has only been “forgotten” at some point in history. All kinds of vegetables and some fruits such as strawberries, melons and melons are allowed to be grown. Specifically, we grow tomatoes, basil, salads and small Italian vegetables that are 100% nickel-free. ”

But vegetables grown in this way still preserve Such asIdentity, or something to be lost, compared to natural growth in soil, with all the properties it can offer? “Not only are they preserving, but they have a taste and fluffiness that far exceeds what is produced today on a large scale in the open field and in greenhouses. The plants are grown in their Eden without using chemicals in any way, and this allows you to return to flavors of the past. Mine Watery tomatoes They have the same taste, color and smell of tomatoes that my grandfather did before the emergence of chemistry and hybrid seedlings. ”

Not only: «With Today’s techniques It is possible to make plants sustainable also from an energy point of view, and the ability to imagine a comeback (Clean) crops in urban areas And semi-urban. ” Last but not leastAnd the The economic aspect: “The costs of cultivation depend on the variety to be grown, the cleanliness, and the environmental requirements that must be respected.”

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By inserting the Ferrari Ranch thumbnail in a context as broad as GoodwillAgenda 2030Is it realistic to be able to meet deadlines? “I hope so – Giorgia Ponte’s responses – we’ve often forgotten about it We don’t have a planet B. We live in a beautiful but fragile place that must be respected and preserved. “

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