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Psicoradio, Bologna's radio that allows psychopaths to talk about mental health, turns 15

Psicoradio, Bologna’s radio that allows psychopaths to talk about mental health, turns 15

On May 13, 1978, Law 180 entered into force which was repealed Asylums in Italy, The first country in the world. The hero of this revolution was the psychiatrist Franco Passaglia: “It is not very important that there are clinics and closed clinics in the future, it is important that we have now demonstrated that this can be done Other than thatWe now know that there is another way to tackle the problem, even without coercion. ” Anniversary Practically in silence at a time when, ironically, Coronavirus disease Instead, it has shown that psychiatric housing facilities are insufficient and go Avoid isolation.

In a few days Podcast Let’s (a little) the numbers that address hot topics in the psychiatry world: the first episodeTitled 180, it tells about the Basaglia Law and how the culture of asylum is still widespread in Italy. The series is made by a team Iecoradio, A newspaper born out of a collaboration between Art and Health APS and Department of Mental Health in Bologna. The headquarters is located at Former Roncati asylum rooms Via Sant’Isaia 90. Here in the 1950s and 1960s, so-called “combination” therapy was practiced: they first put you into a coma with insulin, then Electric shock. Pasaglia applied in 1967 for the position of Director of Roncati, but was turned down.

Editorial Board Iecoradio Consists of People undergoing treatment in a mental health department in Bologna And by a group of Journalists and journalists. This week they are celebrating Fifteen years of life, More than 750 episodes and 1000 aired. The first episode opened in 2006 with L. Alda Mirini, Which he had tried on his skin Arrest: “Like you, I was surprised when I was stealing life, expelled from my desire for love. Like you, I was not listened to and I saw the bars of silence rising around me and pulling my hair.” Editorial life is a mixture of training and Broadcast production. Caregiver learns to make A. Broadcasting In all its stages: from concept and design, through interviews and management; But also to intervene in schools and other public events, or to write Psiconews, Or the the news With news of the week.

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On the cover the editorial board’s first meeting (Photo by Michel Noche)

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