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Someone Attacks Security Cameras: What Happens

Someone Attacks Security Cameras: What Happens

A ‘botnet’ called InfectedSlurs searches for networked surveillance cameras to attack by exploiting a new vulnerability: Privacy at risk

there “Robots“Which exploits two serious vulnerabilities in some devices NVR (Network video recorder) and some Router To access surveillance cameras for individuals, residential units, public places, and hotels. Find out Security Intelligence Response Team (SIRT) From Akamai Technologies, which does not disclose the hardware it uses to avoid encouraging the work of independent hackers.

IP cameras: what’s happening

By simplifying a lot, to make the story more understandable to the general public, Akamai A Infected computer network Which, unbeknownst to their rightful owners, are acting on behalf of a group of cyber criminals. In these cases we talk about “Robots“, any network of bots that is managed remotely, in this specific case it is called a botnet.”InfectedSlurs“.

InfectedSlurs does a job Massive web survey Search for NVR devices connected to the network. The term NVR, again greatly simplified, means “registered“Of security cameras, it is usually a low-power computer with a network card and one or more hard drives to store recordings.

Such devices are almost always found Video surveillance systems Traffic areas that are fully or partially open to the public.

If you live in Buildings With a video surveillance system, you almost certainly also have an armored (or at least well-protected) cabinet with a safe inside NVR where am I Archive recordings From video cameras.

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If this NVR is also connected to the network, it could be the brand this botnet is looking for. Why all this is happening is not yet known, and Akamai doesn’t tell us (and probably doesn’t even know yet). But we know what some devices are exhibition If it is found online, it could be “washing machine“From robots.

Identical letter for a particular form of Router Which, Akamai says, is widespread in both… Private homes it is in the hotel. To attack this router, the botnet tries to enter the control panel using the standard username and password, i.e. the data set at the factory.

IP cameras: how to protect yourself

Akamai says it has alerted manufacturers of these devices that could be remotely attacked by a botnet, but it didn’t tell us what. Therefore, users and administrators of video surveillance systems currently have to wait: if the devices using the system are one of the vulnerable devices, you will soon receive an alarm message to update Which you will need to install Urgently.

However, in the meantime, the same correct advice always applies: any device is protected by Username and passwordHowever, routers in particular must be customized with different access data than those preset at the factory.