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Noble proteins and low calories

Noble proteins and low calories

Ricotta is back in fashion. Those analyzing trends on Google have noticed that searches for dairy products have reached record levels in recent months. “Ricotta” is also a popular hashtag on social media (the name remains identical in other countries), and it has been honored because Light and healthy. In fact, it has many advantages and its history is very ancient. It is eaten by Polyphemus in the Odyssey, and becomes a symbol of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s reactionary hunger, in the episode Ricotta From the movie RogobagWe can already think of obtaining it from milk proteins obtained in the laboratory from the fermentation process, without cows.


One serving (100 grams) is approximately enough One third of the daily requirement of calciumEssential for bones. This does not mean that it is necessary to include dairy products in the diet: the same amount of the mineral, about 300 milligrams, is also provided by a serving of sesame seeds (30 grams).

Iodine and vitamin A

Ricotta is a gift iodineThe nutritional deficiency of which is considered alarming according to the World Health Organization (the result is goiter). It also gives a significant contribution from PhosphorusIt is used to form bones and teeth Vitamin AUseful for defenses and vision.

Noble proteins

And as TikTok fans point out, cheese is a good source of… Proteinswith all essential amino acids, resulting in a nutritious and light second course.

the components

Pay attention to the ingredients of packaged ricotta, which may have added lactose generouswith a noticeable increase in saturated fats, an excess of which can lead to an increase in harmful “LDL” cholesterol.

* Reviewed by Lucila Tita, Smartfood Program Coordinator at the European Institute of Oncology.