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Solar flares towards Earth, by chance, are the cause of one of the most amazing phenomena visible in the sky.

The Sun, our star, this past year has had a very intense activity that we will talk about in this article.

There have been eight eruptions in the past week and they are all directed towards our planet. Moreover, it cannot be ruled out, it is almost certain that there will be others and those too will turn towards us. The power of a solar flare can be compared to the energy generated by the explosion of millions of atomic bombs. However, it’s really scary.

These outbursts have long been the subject of studies by scientists who are keeping this anomalous behavior of our star in check. In particular, thanks to the telescope Solar Dynamics Observatory From NASAA spot has been detected on the surface of the sun and from there these beams of energy begin at the speed of light. Until a few days ago, an explosion released energy that reached our planet in just eight minutes.

Classification of eruptions and their consequences

There is a scale that rates these eruptions. kind of earthquake. We have 5 degrees of severity. These are indicated by letters of the alphabet. It starts with the letter A to indicate the least intense characters, then we have B and C for the two medium strength characters, and finally those indicated by the letters M and X which are the most violent, but much rarer. These that have occurred in the past few days and will continue until January at least are M grade.

And according to scientists, there could also have been at least one Class X eruption, the most violent of all. And the consequences will not be just momentary interruptions, but they will be visible and much greater. Of course, I hope you don’t reach the highest rank. But even if only M-magnitude explosions occurred, these too would be visible on Earth, like radio disturbances, thanks to another phenomenon. One of the most beautiful and wonderful in the world.

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Aurora borealis are caused by solar flares.

Well, it is precisely these sunspots that release energy through volcanic eruptions that make these wonderful phenomena visible on Earth. But only in the second half of the nineteenth century, one scientist understood the reason for this phenomenon. Until then they were thought to be reflections of the sun’s rays hitting the icebergs roaming the poles. Thanks to this discovery, the old beliefs were abandoned and it was understood that these phenomena are caused by the interaction with the ionosphere of electrons and protons of solar origin. Thanks to him, the particles emit light of different colors.

The northern lights have no standard shapes. They are usually arched in shape and can be fixed or mobile. Usually we can see them near the poles, but sometimes they have also appeared in Scandinavia, and therefore a little further from the North Pole and on the Australian continent. But we’re talking to them about Twilight, which is a little different. Sometimes during the aurora borealis it is also possible to hear its sound: an electromagnetic hiss.

What is certain is that thanks to the electromagnetic storms coming from our star, we will definitely see a lot of them. Obviously, the hope is that there won’t be a class X eruption that could damage the signals of satellites still in orbit. In the meantime, who can enjoy this wonderful show.