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New cracks have been found on the International Space Station

New cracks have been found on the International Space Station

According to a new report, some Small cracks in the Zarya module on the International Space Station. “Surface cracks were found in some places of the Zarya unit,” Vladimir Solovyov, chief engineer of the Moscow-based energy company, told RIA news agency.

The engineer It was not reported whether the cracks caused air to escape. The unit in question, officially called the “Functional Cargo Block”, is part of the Russian segment of the space station ed It was first launched in November 1998. This is not the first time. As we told you in the pastWhich astronauts reported about an air leak from the International Space Station.

Solovyov recently claimed that The orbital station is starting to show its age He warned of the possibility of an “avalanche” of broken equipment after 2025. In March, Russian cosmonauts sealed two small cracks, the size of a human hair, in the Zvezda module.

“Bad events” did not end there: in August, the jet engines of the Russian research unit Nauka Unexpectedly pushing the entire station out of place… all because of a glitch Which was later fixed without any problems. Finally, Is the International Space Station really starting to show its age?

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