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Social rental of cars.  Italy is thinking about it

Social rental of cars. Italy is thinking about it

The Italian fleet is very old and therefore also very polluted. the But new cars cost a lot today This slows down the turnover rate. Italy can therefore “copy” the document Social rental model It has been introduced in France, which will also allow low-income families to be able to change their car, up to Low environmental impact or electric cars.

In France, in November we started collecting orders and the first models should be delivered in January.

Apparently there have already been some meetings between Aci, which has bid to manage the fleet, and the Ministries of Infrastructure, Enterprise and Environment. For the President of ACI, Angelo Sticchi DamianiThe important thing will be Start in 2024 with an experimentEven with a limited number of cars. Later, this tool can be improved and improved.

How will it work? Social leasing for car purchases in Italy? At the moment, these are still just hypotheses, but in our country a series of factors must be taken into account Including ISEEThe age of the car to be scrapped and the type of car you will get. All these elements will allow us to make an arrangement for customizing cars.

The idea would be to display with A Monthly fees are between 75 and 125 euros. Thanks to this tool, the aim is to eliminate the many Euro 0 – Euro 3 cars still in circulation in Italy. We are talking about more than 10 million, which equates to 27% of the fleet in circulation.

Social leasing will not be free to state coffers which will be required to pay the down payment for new cars. According to Acey, The remaining funds can be used From the 2022 Eco-Bonus, as well as those who will apply from the 2023 Eco-Bonus.

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For Aci, the important thing is to leave as quickly as possible. Precisely for this reason, it seems that there will soon be another meeting with the previously mentioned ministries. Obviously, many details are still missing. Lease contracts have specific terms such as, for example, a maximum mileage. Therefore, we do not know how the show will be organized in general. We would understand this if we could really replicate social leasing for car purchases in Italy as well.

All that remains is to wait for any news to arrive about this project.