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Smart home door: With this kit you will solve many problems

Smart home door: With this kit you will solve many problems

Here is a new and innovative kit to make your front door smart, and it will solve many problems.

With the arrival of holiday homes and the increasing need for technology, we can now also make the front door of our home smart. Like all the objects and furnishings in our home, a little is now enough to make everything automated and modern in the home. With really simple systems that make our lives more convenient In this case it is safer. In fact, the entrance door is seen as the element that truly separates us from the outside and thus somehow protects us from strangers and theft. New systems are coming to our aid and helping us make our home and front door smart.

In fact, with a smart lock, you can operate any lock automatically Using a European roller, simply by placing the device on the door as long as you use a roller with an 8mm shank extension (if it is not already on the laminated door). The smart lock can be powered by a battery pack or by direct connection to the mains. A simple and modern system that will be completed thanks to your smartphone that will automatically unlock with different systems.

Smart home door.

Your smart lock can be opened via the app on your smartphone and with your keysMoreover, you can add some pros to increase its performance and change the type of usage. In the version with the classic wireless keyboard, with a code to enter. Ideal for managing a holiday home, for example, with a code that can be changed for each guest that arrives. Or the radio transceiver version that allows us to open the door with a simple touch of the badge, like the latest hotels. Perhaps the most complex and interesting is the biometric reader, which uses our fingerprint to open the lock.

Here’s how to use the kit that makes your entrance door smart. (Source IG gianpaolo.golden –

Thanks to this system, the owner via the web determines the days and times that the guest can arrive. Thus you will be able to create virtual keys, manage departures/arrivals, and insert new structures and new locks. Upon first access, virtual and temporary keys are generated via the keyboard. The code will be activated for the specified period It will be automatically deleted at the specified deadline. It works with an encrypted algorithm. It does not require a Wi-Fi connection, modem or SIM. A true revolution for front door management.

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Installation is simple and convenient for everyoneJust replace our classic lock with these smart locks that will change our lives for the better. An innovative system with a set suitable for everyone, with different possibilities for selection and use. With this smart door we will definitely feel safe.