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How do you organize your living room to expand the space? –


When it comes to living space, most people think that a small apartment and lack of space are the biggest challenge.

And that’s right! But optimizing limited space doesn’t just mean fixing the last corner. There are many ways to make your home feel spacious and airy, even if you only have a few feet of space.

The trick is to organize things in such a way that there is no room for claustrophobia! Read on for some clever ideas on how to decorate your living room to easily maximize space.

Decoration to increase space

There are two decorative elements that will help you achieve this: – Lighting – Proper lighting makes a room appear larger and brighter.

You can use several techniques to achieve this effect.

You can use floor lamps or table lamps to direct the light towards the ceiling, which will bounce off and illuminate the room evenly.

You can also use spotlights to draw attention to certain places in a room, such as a fireplace or a focal point in a room. Color – Make sure you choose colors that suit your space, without making it too stuffy. If you have a large room with high ceilings, you can opt for bolder colors.

But if your space is smaller and the ceilings are low, you should choose a more subdued color scheme.

Open shelves

Open shelving is the perfect solution for a small living room. They can hold all your things, from books to records, as well as decorative items, such as vases, figurines, and other small decorative items.

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The main advantage of open shelves is that you can see everything at a glance and arrange things so that they look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Color code if you like, or keep everything in the original color scheme.

Keep in mind that heavy items, such as books, should be stored in the back, while light decorative items, such as figurines, should be placed in the front to avoid clutter. Try placing your books in hidden shelves if you don’t have enough open shelving space.

rotating furniture

One of the best ways to make your living room look bigger is to use swinging furniture.

You can use coffee tables, side tables, and swivel consoles to maximize your space, as well as other furniture, such as living room furniture. If you have a coffee table, try rotating it to make it more functional as a nightstand or side table. If you have a side table, you can use it as a console table, which is usually larger and sturdier, ideal for placing drinks and snacks on. If you have a console table, try turning it around and using it as a coffee table. You can also try rotating chairs if you are short on space. The 360-degree swivel chairs are perfect for a small living room because they allow you to move them around as needed.

Glass windows and doors

While you can use decorations to make your small space appear larger, some architectural features can do it even better. Glass windows and doors are one of the best ways to add width to your living room, in addition to natural light. You can increase the width of your living room by placing windows on both sides if possible. This will allow light in from both sides, making your space look much larger. And if you have glass doors, you can use them to achieve the same effect. You can also use trim to make your windows look bigger. You can use vertical blinds to block out a lot of light or to add privacy, but you can also use horizontal blinds to add a decorative element to your windows.

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Mix textures

When arranging your furniture, try mixing textures to make your space appear larger. For example, if you have a leather-upholstered sofa and a soft-textured rug, it will contrast and your living room will look smaller. On the contrary, you can mix different materials to create a harmonious atmosphere that will make your space appear larger. For example, you can place a soft textured rug on the smooth floor. Or you can put a tweed-covered sofa next to a fur rug. By mixing textures, your living room will look organized and beautiful. You can also mix different colors. Stick to a single color palette, with an accent color to make your space appear larger. For example, you could use a red sofa with beige walls and a blue accent.

Organize your storage space

A crowded space will always appear smaller than an ordered one, no matter how large it is. You can use baskets, shelves and other decorative storage options to organize your things and make your living room look bigger at the same time. You can place baskets on the floor to store things that would take up too much visual space, such as blankets and rolled towels. You can use the shelves to store things like books and decorative items, but you can also use them to store cups, plates and other things that belong to the kitchen. You can also use drawers to store things like small clothes or other things that you don’t need to see, but should have close at hand. You can use decorative items, such as bookends and vanity boxes, to store items that belong in the living room but don’t fit in drawers or shelves.

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Make your space appear larger by arranging furniture and decorative items to make the room feel more spacious. To do this, use open shelves instead of closed shelves, rotate furniture, mix textures, and organize your storage. Try these ideas and make the most of the space you have.


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