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Sistema Ambiente, saving € 600,000. Drop bills in 2022

It was approved in PEF 2021 for Waste Management Service. The financial plan for the current year was discussed today (May 3) by the Joint Budget and Public Works Committee. Compared to the first financial plan drawn up according to the new Arera national model in December 2020, Pef 2021 offers savings of around 600,000 euros.

The entry into the benefits of the plan was, despite the change of powers, Former environmental consultant Francesco Raspini, In the presence of the new advisor, among others Valentina Rose Symi And al Sistema Ambiente Board of Directors, Urban Hygiene Manager.

“This is an act that recognizes and approves the costs of the Urban Hygiene Manager in a preventive way – costs that will then be divided between different users with The deliberations on the tariffs, which still need a few weeks to show. This is the second financial plan that we will approve that has been put in place according to the method of Arera, the national regulator that has also been dealing with the waste system two years ago. A key feature of this new mechanism is that while costs were previously calculated over the current year, they are now taken Taking into account the numbers of 2019With the ability to add back costs for the current year. The changes made last year in terms of waste management and disposal will bring significant savings to the 2022 bills, when Pef is approved in the 2020 budget. 2021 will be 600,000 euros less than it was in December, Or it will be worth 20 million 511 thousand euros. Despite the increase in some costs during the pandemic, such as disposing of “polluting” waste, there will be more substantial savings for the company in the coming year. “

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The fiscal plan for 2021 for the municipal waste management service was approved by 9 votes to 4. The Budget Committee also approved the municipal regulation for operating irregular public transport services, with four votes in favor to two.