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Pension reform / Extension contract deadline nears

Pension reform / Extension contract deadline nears

The expansion agreement is about to expire

In an article published in Sole 24 Ore, it was reminded that “although there are more than four months left until the end of 2021, the last year of trials for the expansion contract, there is time until September 2 to sign the trade union agreements if you would like to use the early retirement stipulated in the contract.” In fact, “employers must apply for mass immigration access no later than three months before the start of the first expansion allowance,” which can have a start date of up to December 1. So we get to the date of September 2. It remains to be seen whether the expansion contract will be extended among the pension reform measures that will be introduced in the budget law. It seems very likely that this will happen. Also because the scale does not have a very high cost compared to the others we are talking about. Moreover, there could also be another increase in the number of companies that can use it after the one launched this year.

PDC defense

Matteo Renzi would like a referendum to abolish citizenship income, but Maurizio Oliveiro, on the pages of Liberty Opinion, states that “the citizenship pension is inextricably linked with it, and it is part of the same law, which will be abolished at the same time, threw a moment on the sidewalk a huge number of Poor elderly.For them the social pension cannot be thought of as compensation: those who have gone through it know that the social pension is considered by the National Institute of Statistics an attempt to steal by the one who requests it and refuses it in 90% of cases, taking advantage of any evasion.In other words, the old person who If he loses citizenship benefits, he will find himself in the middle of the road.” Therefore, in his view, “Laws should not be enacted and then repealed when no one respects them. Anyone who offends the law should be severely punished but the law may not be abolished.” Above all, “old people in need who in no way have to find a job now should not be punished for mistreating others.”

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Salvini still counts on Dorigon

In a long open letter, Claudio Durigon announced his resignation as Under-Secretary of the Economy, but also said he would continue “to work to defend the 100 quota and prevent a return to the Fornero law, and to obtain the balance, write-offs, cancel and rescind. Payment of installments for 60 million tax bills which may begin in September, slaughtering families and businesses.” Dorigon also thanked Salvini, who for his part said: “We hope that this gesture of responsibility and generosity will lead to serious reflection on other politicians, in government and beyond, who are not proving themselves up to their role. I count on Claudio for writing the new pension reform, close to the 100 quota and away from Fornero, to scrap millions of tax bills, and for new appropriations to help the association grow more.” All that remains is to wait to see how Durigon’s proposal for pension reform will be articulated in concrete terms. After class 100.

Pension reform, Landini’s words

According to Maurizio Landini, on the topic of Pension reform “We need a fundamental revision of the Fornero law, there is not just a 100 quota.” In an interview with Fatou Quotidiano, CGIL Secretary General adds: “We ask that with 41 years of contributions an individual can retire without age restrictions, and that, starting from 62 years, there is flexibility in leaving. Different rules are needed depending on the intensity of work and then We demand a guaranteed pension for the younger generations, just as we need to recognize the peculiarity of female labor. ” On the other hand, Il Sole 24 Ore states that according to INPS data, one in three pensioners (30.9% at the end of 2020) appear to be early and the actual retirement age is just over 61.

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Data on pension expenses

Data that is likely to be taken into account a little in the political debate that promises to flare up in light of the budget law and Class ends at 100. Gianni Trovati, also on the pages of the newspaper Confindustria, recalls that spending on pensions has risen above 17% of GDP and will only fall to 14.6% in 2055, “a level similar to what was recorded in 2010”. Figures that should limit “in a fairly drastic way the areas of intervention, especially for the government, which has one of its main tasks to return to the path of sustainable public debt.” All that remains is to see what happens in the coming weeks starting with the resumption of the standoff between the government and unions over the retirement plan slated for September.

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