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Sexy, it becomes a discount on the house to buy

Sexy, it becomes a discount on the house to buy

The news about Superbonus 110% makes experts and the construction world discuss.

In principle, Superbonus can only be used by people who own, own or hold the property. Therefore, in order to get Superbonus, you must have a suitable address when starting the business. So, in principle, this will be the audience that can benefit from Superbonus.

However, with the decree’s relaunch, new legislation arrived that was interpreted in a particularly extensive way. Let’s see what happens and the tangible advantages that exist. Essentially, the super bonus can also be recognized in the home you are about to buy. It is clear, however, that there are risks to capitalizing on this. In fact, anyone who is about to buy a property can take advantage of the excellent bonus as long as it is Conditional, but also regularly recorded at least one preliminary contract of sale.

Who has the right?

So you need a duly signed and registered contract to be able to take advantage of the extra bonus if the house is not yours yet. But the initial sale is also sufficient. If you don’t have at least the initial registered sale of the property, you won’t be able to take advantage of the bonus on a home that you don’t yet own. Thus, the purchaser of the promissory note, as well as his residence, is entitled to take full advantage of 110% of the super reward. But the main doubts about the super reward currently relate to the allocation of credits. This also includes the potential buyer.

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Question of assignment of bond claims

The assignment of multiple credits was blocked in the wake of the 4.4 billion frauds that appeared in the eyes of the tax authorities. Then the government put in place new legislation allowing multiple credit assignments. However, this multiple transfer of credit can stop at a maximum of 3 and transfers after the first should be made only between selected banks or institutions operating under the control of the Bank of Italy.

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Provided for sworn technician who makes a mistake Penalties of up to 100,000 euros and imprisonment of up to 5 years. Obviously, this legislation is currently also affecting a potential buyer. Experts in the home world stress how this new legislation can be a powerful deterrent to starting new construction sites.