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A wave of tax inspections: because there is a big risk this time

A wave of tax inspections: because there is a big risk this time

At least a hundred thousand, if not more, therevenue agency on tax evasion. In the first place, VAT numbers and companies with reputable notices are at risk, which are sent not only on the basis of algorithms but also on the basis of letters of compliance, or anomalies, for which citizens must provide an explanation.

tax checks

Tax evasion amounts to at least 10.3 billion euros according to the latest estimates from the tax authorities: despite greater digital controls also in view of the NRP, the amount to be recovered is still very high. The goal is to recover at least 2.45 billion euros by sending 2.6 million letters of compliance, which is a huge sum. as we read Business Onlinethe agency will move to Control of the declared data in the received orders Implementation Provisions regarding the evaluation of advertisementsPerforming other checks based on the financial statements of electronic invoices and remote payments, but also on the periodic VAT settlement data as well as the returns data themselves.

The Tax Authority, in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economy, also specifically controls any attempts at criminal intrusion. How does the mechanism work? In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations, the Revenue Agency transmits to the Guardia di Fiinanza the complete data and information contained in the applications relating to contributions paid. “If the checks show that the contribution is not fully or partially due, the Revenue Agency will proceed to redeem the contribution, imposing a fine of no less than 100% and a maximum of 200%‘, write experts on this topic.

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Penalties provided

In the most serious cases, we need Receipt of payments on the account of the state“The expected penalty is imprisonment from six months to three years, but if the defrauded amount is less than 4 thousand euros, an administrative penalty between 5,164 and 25,822 euros will be applied,”A maximum of three times the contribution received without justification.. During two years of emergency due to Covid-19, the Revenue Agency found itself managing all grants in an effort to offset the devastating economic and financial effects that economic operators have suffered due to the pandemic. Thus, in the biennium 2020-2021, efforts for work not yet completed given all the actions in progress for 2021 on the date “Offsetting contributions, contributions to closed activities, and self-protection requests that taxpayers can continue to file in 2022“.

In this way, the goal in the current year will also be to immediately manage self-protection cases knowing that this task will try to face the repercussions that the epidemic continues to suffer even if we are gradually emerging from the emergency in the last two. Years.