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Set 3 new deadlines that could save you

Set 3 new deadlines that could save you

The issue of the savior of financial peace is increasingly heated and if at first the government seemed firm, then things changed.

Let’s see all the news related to this sensitive issue. Hmm even 530 thousand Taxpayers who haven’t kept up with the premiums.

But if until a few weeks ago it seemed to them that there was no hope, today we know that there are new windows from the government and new dates to return in order.

Financial peace was not enough for many

Scrapping, balancing and extracting was a great opportunity to More than a million Italians took off.

But while most of them have managed to keep up with the latest premiums required by law, As many as 530,000 taxpayers have failed to make payments of installments in a timely manner. The deadline was at the end of 2021 and the situation for all these taxpayers became hot. In fact Deadline ends December 9th Going back in order with the installments, but many did not. With the new dates published in the Official Gazette, even those who lost the benefits will be able to keep them all As if the fateful December 9 deadline had not been breached.

The new dates that keep taxpayers breathing

Let’s see concretely what the new calendar is envisioning the government and what are the deadlines for staying in the system. All installments that initially expired The 2020 fee must be paid in full by April 30, 2022. If you respect this last term, you will be considered in good standing with financial peace and there will be no further consequences. All installments related to 2021 must instead be paid by the July 31, 2022 deadline. Here, too, the above discussion applies: respect for this deadline will have no consequences and the benefits originally expected will be preserved.

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2022 and the fragility of scale

For installments for 2022, the deadline is November 30. However, we must remember that these three dates also exist five days of the tolerance normally granted. But will these deadlines really be decisive? There is little doubt. The situation of Italian companies and VAT numbers is really crucial With the continuous increases in the prices of raw materials and energy. In fact, many are threatening to close and it may very well be that these new terms will not actually be as decisive as the government hopes.