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Serious problems for the Earth: the magnetic field is weakening, and this worries scientists a lot

The phenomenon of weakening the Earth’s magnetic field continues: this slow decline was discovered two years ago, and scientists are placing it under close attention trying to understand how everything will develop.

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening (Photo Focus)

The issue has been updated by the portal, the Italian version, which categorically reminds us of this “Without the Earth’s magnetic field we cannot live.” It is in fact a complex and dynamic force that protects the population as well as the flora and fauna of our planet, From all this radiation Which are found in space, and are obviously harmful to humans, and because of the dangerous solar wind.

Earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken: This is what’s happening

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to generate a magnetic field It is the core of planet Earthunder our feet, about 3,000 kilometers from where we sit (like three times the length of Italy), and that acts as a leader It generates electric currents. As written at the beginning, this is not the first time that the phenomenon of weak magnetic field has occurred because it is a case 200 years ago, And in these two centuries it lost almost 9% of its total strength. The area most affected by this phenomenon is that Located between Africa and South America, Hence the stretch of the Atlantic Ocean dividing the two continents, which scientists commonly call the “South Atlantic Anomaly”. According to what has been analyzed in the past five years, another center of minimum intensity, i.e., centered center, could have emerged. Southwest Africa (the so-called South Atlantic anomaly), and therefore it is clear how the event is taking place and can progress further in the coming years.

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Scientists tablet, short for Swarm Data, Innovation and Science Cluster, which uses various data provided by the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites, the European Space Agency, to better understand the severity of this anomaly. These satellites, Esquire recalls, are actually designed to identify and measure the various magnetic signals that make up the Earth’s field. Talk about the question Jürgen Matzka, of the German Research Center for Geosciences, who recently said: “The new eastern depression of the anomaly has emerged in the past decade and has developed strongly in recent years. We are very fortunate to have Swarm satellites in orbit to study their evolution. The challenge now is to understand the processes in the Earth’s core that drive these changes. The area affected by this weakening of the magnetic field had already been spoken to the BBC, in 2018, the former astronaut Terry Virts Who explained: “This is a well-known area where all different types of satellites – not just a space station with people, but normal communications satellites and so on – have problems. You want to get through there as fast as you can on your way to the moon, or wherever you go.”