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Semiconductor crisis removes microchips from health card

Semiconductor crisis removes microchips from health card

Global semiconductor crisis affects health card issuance. From June 1 it can actually be released even without a chip. Grandma was introduced to deal with the possible shortage of production materials, Explains the Ministry of Economy.

Both the National Service Card, the version with the chip, and the alternative version will continue to have a so-called European Health Insurance Card, or team, on the back of the plastic card.

Corrective actions to continue to benefit from public administration services

For new cards produced without the National Service Card component, it will also be possible to use the card with an electronic chip until December 31, 2023 even if it has an expired expiration date on the front. This has been made possible to continue to allow citizens the ability to use the digital services of public administration that access is provided through this functionality on institutional portals.

How to get the card

As usual, the card will continue to be issued free of charge to all NHS customers. The Ministry of Economy, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, will automatically send it two months before the deadline, to the address of the tax domicile of the client located in the tax register, which usually coincides with the residence. (All rights reserved)

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