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Superbonus, 33.7 billion of funds booked on May 31.  Final funds: more than 33.3 billion allocated by the Conte and Draghi governments

Superbonus, 33.7 billion of funds booked on May 31. Final funds: more than 33.3 billion allocated by the Conte and Draghi governments

Requests to access Discounts Submitted by Super Bonus 110% It has exceeded the amount allocated so far by the Conte and Draghi governments to fund the measure. Latest report onInes In fact it appears that Al May 31 was in progress 172,450 Catalytic Building Interventions who – which It will result in cuts of 33.7 billion from the euro. based on accountsParliamentary Budget Office, Coverage placed up to 33.3 billion (see table). Nor does the prime minister appear ready to refinance the measure. And that even with the 2022 budget law they expanded: In recent months he pleaded guilty to raising Costs Interventions in construction – but prices have also gone up in the rest of Europe – and explained that the mechanism is feeding them trickswhat or what Denied by the statements on the basis of which the vast majority of frauds are related Additional interfaces and the “normal” environmental bonus for which very few validations have been envisaged.

Going back to the Enea data, it works condominium A grant application representing 48.9% of the total investment (26663) has started while works are in buildings one family The number of functionally independent real estate units was 91,444 and 54,338, respectively. The area where most of the work started is Lombardy (26,432 buildings with a total investment of more than 5 billion euros are allowed to be deducted), followed by Veneto (21555 interventions and 2.9 billion euros in investments) and from Lazio (15,504 interventions already started and 2.8 billion euros in investments).

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Meanwhile, the 5 star movementwith Ricardo Fracaro Launched in 2020, Superbonus is pushing the government to unlock the mechanism for allocating tax breaks that has been formally restricted in the anti-fraud key. Representatives Patricia Terzoni, Angela Massi, Riccardo Fracaro and Luca Sot introduced an amendment to the decree helps on the basis of which “accruals may be subject to full or partial appropriations to one or more annuities, even after first contact with the revenue agency.” Moreover, for credits purchased after January 1, 2022, only banking and insurance subjects will be able to use them again at the end of each tax period subsequent to the tax period on December 31, 2022, and no later than December 31, 2026, to participate in BTP issues. It also asks to expand the possibility of allocating credits to small and medium-sized companies that are clients of credit institutions.

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