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In this case you do not have to pay anything

Utilities belong to that group of expenses that, as a rule, all Italians are required to face. Regarding the gas bill, however, there is a case where the payment cannot proceed.

Saving on your gas bill –

In recent years, due to the epidemic caused by Covid-19, Italy faced a great crisis Economic crisis Which she still suffers from to this day Archaeology; The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine also contributes to this situation.

Plus, for a few months now,a plus of utilities and increases the burden on Economic budgets From families and small businesses. regarding gas billsHowever, there is a circumstance in which payment is not permissible.

Equation: what it is and for what purpose it is used

We all know the word “Balance‘, but do we really know the correct meaning? This term refers to a Calculation which companies make on an annual basis, which is used to determine whether the quota, in this case of gas, paid by the consumer is the actual quota worn out.

Gas meter –

Moreover, equilibrium can have two effects. If this calculation shows that the user has paid a higher amount, based on consumption, than they should have, the company will continue repayment. If, on the contrary, it turns out that he paid Lower For the amount of gas consumed, the user will have to pay difference.

However, it is possible that the modification is incorrect: in this case, the . file is the responsibility The contradiction will not fall on the consumer, but onAgency Who made the account. How do you act if this happens? There is a short period of time in which the bill can fall Prescription.

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However, times seem to be narrower than in the past. until the 2018In fact, the prescription was for five years; Since then, however, it has been reduced to Two years.

Gas bill: when can it not be paid?

Gas billing recipe is valid for wrong balances received starting from January 1, 2019. If you realize you are covered by this circumstance, for two years, your reference bill may be considered as a prescription.

gas bill
Gas bill –

If in the two years, however, a Payment reminder By the company, the depreciation inventory calculation will be resumed from the date indicated in the registered letter.

The above recipe is not only applicable to families Thus, for private users, but also for small businessthat is, those that have annual sales Lower to two million euros, not exceeding ten employees.