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Sea of ​​Stars: The developers aren’t afraid of the Chrono Trigger comparison

Sea of ​​Stars: The developers aren’t afraid of the Chrono Trigger comparison

Many players are looking forward to it Sea of ​​stars They somehow compare the game to Chrono trigger, an absolute classic of the Japanese RPG genre developed by the then SquareSoft company (it had not yet merged with Enix). The effects actually look obvious, but the development team doesn’t Intimidation from comparison.

On the shoulders of giants

The sea of ​​stars is very predictable

At least that’s what was announced in an interview with Nintendo Life, where Thierry Boulanger, creative director of Sea of ​​Stars, put it nicely: “So, in response to your question, does it scare us? Absolutely. We understand the mandate that people have given us, which is to ‘give me and let me have that feeling again.'” Part The challenge is that we can’t make you nine times over again. (laughs) We don’t have those ingredients, so what we have to do is create something as good as the memories we have of those matches.”

The release of Sea of ​​Stars is very close: it will be available starting August 29, 2023 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. It will also be launched immediately on Game Pass to the delight of all subscribers. Sabotage Studio, the game development team, became famous with the excellent The Messenger, a very popular retro Metroidvania game.

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