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Saving with a checking account: everything you need to know

Saving with a checking account: everything you need to know

Due to the recent rise in inflation rates, it has become more necessary than ever to take care of one’s savings by checking i management costs Cards and debit cards: In fact, it is necessary to protect our money by intervening to try to reduce, if not eliminate, expenses related to the checking account.

Reducing those costs associated with, say, cash withdrawals can make a difference in a period of crisis like this. But how do we do that? What are the best checking accounts? current account in savings It has specific properties, let’s see which ones.

Pay attention to the administrative fee

The first thing to check, when looking for a no-charge checking account, is what’s called Administrative feesWhich can be monthly or yearly. When we talk about a no-cost account, the management fee should be free, at least for a while (but there are some residual fees for the life of the account).

There are, for example, free checking accounts for i small Under 30 or under 35. Not only. You can also find accounts that allow you to waive fees at least until a certain monthly spending limit is reached. In this way, by respecting certain conditions (expenses or age), you can use an account without administrative fees and save money.

Operating costs

Another element to consider is the expected costs of operationssuch as withdrawals or wire transfers. Often when we act to withdraw money or make transfers, we do not notice the small expenses associated with these movements. However, there is.

Banks usually require one Expenses Even when it comes to withdrawing or transferring to an ATM. To speak of current savings accounts, these should instead provide advantageous terms both in branches of other credit institutions and for other operations carried out on-line through home banking.

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Check payment cards

Several checking accounts allow, at the time of activation, some discount cards Free of charge at no cost. On the other hand, credit cards must be ordered, but even in their case it is possible to limit or cancel costs for a certain period of time. You can also keep expenses zero by ensuring that you reach your monthly spending limit. This depends on the offer.

alternative to the current account

If you choose not to open a checking account, you can focus on something else, like activating your account account cards with iban. These are not real prepaid cards, but they allow you to significantly reduce management costs. At the same time, since they have an IBAN, they can be used to calculate salary or pension.