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Bonus Fixtures, Extension Made Official: Replacement windows and fixtures at a subsidized cost

Bonus Fixtures, Extension Made Official: Replacement windows and fixtures at a subsidized cost


The new budget law provides for the extension of construction bonuses until December 31, 2024. Among them, it will be possible to take advantage of the match bonus or the window bonus, the incentive that allows you to replace windows and fixtures at a subsidized cost. Here in detail how it works.

The extension of building allowances through December 31, 2024 is now official, including a facility that provides access to a tax rebate on costs incurred to replace windows and fixtures in the home.

Bonuses for redeeming fixtures are 50% home bonus, 50% security bonus and 50% ecobonus. Not only do these measures allow the possibility of not necessarily having to carry out renovations with replacement of windows and/or fixtures, but in some cases they offer the possibility of obtaining the discount directly on the invoice.

In addition to windows and fixtures, the procedure includes doors, armored gates, shutters, and all other tools useful for improving energy efficiency and building safety. Below is an explanation of the different formulas in detail.

Fixtures Redemption Bonus: 50% House Bonus, 50% Safety Bonus, 50% Ecobonus

As we expected, to replace fixtures and / or windows, it is possible to take advantage of three types of privileges. Based on the latest provisions, it is possible to take advantage of 50% Home Bonus, 50% Security Bonus and 50% Ecobonus until December 31, 2024.

The first stimulus can be used for restoration work, building renovation, discreet restoration, and extraordinary maintenance. A tax deduction equal to 50% of the amount spent is allowed up to a maximum spending of €96,000. Just like the 50% home bonus, the 50% security bonus also provides a 50% discount, but in this case it is beneficial for security-related products such as armored doors, security shutters and grilles. Finally, with Ecobonus it is possible to get a 50% discount on a maximum expenditure of 120,000 euros, but in this case the replacement windows must have specific thermal transmittance values, based on the climate zone to which they belong.

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Bonus extension combinations

In short, the year ends with good news for those who intend to change outdated fixtures and/or windows in the home. After all, it’s definitely a good time to be able to get new fixtures and/or windows in your home for a low cost. In any case, whatever the type of formula chosen, our advice is always to rely on serious and reliable construction companies, with the appropriate experience and professionalism, so as not to run into unexpected unpleasant events or problems.